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Spring Forward

Our passion lies in the intra- and interpersonal factors, like social connectedness and individual mindsets, that contribute to health. Through Spring Forward, we help people strengthen relationships and nurture social connections that can help prevent illness.

Spring Forward is equal parts Care + Compassion + Health Education & Promotion + Resources. We are community-based and collaborative, ensuring that individuals receive tailored services and support. We conduct group learning circles, talks-in-the-park, one-on-one coaching, and other activities that meet the needs of the community. We specialize in people going through transitions, including adults transitioning into parenthood.


We provide professional development opportunities and trainings to health education specialists, community health workers, and other health professionals. We also support the work of non-profits and other community-based organizations through strategic planning, data management, and change management consulting. 

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Our Values

  • Humility - we know we don't know it all. We are open to learn and recognize you as the expert of your own life.

  • Trust - we recognize that there is a common, and justified, distrust of health professionals due to historical and ongoing mistreatment of individuals and communities. Our work is in support of the health and wellness of our communities. We will make every effort to earn and maintain your trust.

  • Partnership - we do not refer to communities as "target populations." You are our partner, not our target. We collaborate in all stages of work and encourage feedback on ways we can improve.

  • Fun - we believe that growth should be fun and exciting. Laughter is required.

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